Friday, February 2, 2018

Wild Hearts Changed My LIfe #MFRW

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Welcome back to my blog. As part of the romance novel community, I've found something fun to do every Friday so that all of you have a better chance to get to know me, plus meet other authors.

Marketing for Romance Writers runs a weekly challenge over 52 weeks and I've decided to be brave and join in the fun. This weeks post is supposed to be about, 'A Book That Has Influenced My Life'.

This was a hard one for me to pick because there have been so many that have had some sort of influence over my life. I have to say, though, that the Wild Hearts series is the number one spot, especially the first in the series 'Wild Hearts'. It was my first introduction to the path of romance novels. I read it before my mother knew I kept smuggling Harlequin novels out of my sister's collection to read.

They were just edgy enough to make me feel like I was being naughty, but not enough to make my mother uncomfortable with me reading them. Wow, wouldn't she be surprised to know that I now write romance novels? I like to believe that while she was a horror author herself, she'd still have a sense of pride that I'd followed her into the writing career even if in a different genre.

Anywho, 'Wild Hearts' filled a need in my life. At the time I started to read them, my life had been flipped upside down. My father was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor attached to his eye and brain. He was undergoing surgeries and radiation. I wasn't coping well with any of it and romance novels gave me a happy place to hide for awhile.

After devouring all of her Wild Heart novels and her Sunset Island ones I moved on. Mom was rightfully distracted with caring for my father, so I sunk in over my head into the massive collection of Harlequin romances my oldest sister owned. It was a combination of her collection and an aunt that had passed away. Bookshelves upon bookshelves filled with these book for me to borrow.

I could smuggle a few off, polish them off and return them before she ever knew they were missing. Not that I believe my sister would have actually cared, but it felt like my own personal sanctuary to not tell anyone about it. I didn't want to share my happy place with anyone at the time.

Now, it has brought me around to writing romance novels myself. At first, I wrote them for my own guilty pleasure. I never shared them with anyone, but now I'm ready to extend beyond a hobby and make this my career.

Thanks for joining me.
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Feel free to enjoy these other great authors and hear about the stories that changed their lives. MFRW Blog Challenge.


  1. I still have the 1st HQ I'd ever read, though I went through a phase when I was checking them out of our HS library every other day....until one day I'd had enough. Can't remember the title, but it took place in Tunisia, and I think the first time I'd ever heard of the name 'Amber'.

  2. I'm sure your mother would be proud that you followed her as a writer. Thanks for sharing and welcome to the challenge.

  3. A second-generation writer? That's fantastic, Amity. Good luck with the transition from hobby to paychecks.

  4. How very cool that your mother was a writer and you followed in her footsteps. Sneaking to read the romances, sounds like something we all did at one point or another during our teen years.

  5. Yes, very cool that your mom was a writer, also. And romance novels are a perfect place to escape when we need a break from harsh reality. I read voraciously when my mom was in the hospital and for at least six months after she died. The only time I wasn't crying was when I had my nose in a book. I read a lot when my husband was dying also. It helps.

  6. Very cool! I think your mom would be proud! I have "snuck" those guilty pleasure reads myself, and I totally get the not wanting to share with anyone your happy place. Hope the transition to paycheck is wildly successful!


Wild Hearts Changed My LIfe #MFRW

Hello Lovers, Readers, and extraordinary people! Welcome back to my blog. As part of the romance novel community, I've found something...